Dance Therapy
Dance therapy, sometimes known as dance/movement therapy or DMT, is a type of therapy that
uses movement to help individuals achieve emotional, cognitive and physical integration of the
individual, for the purpose of improving health and well-being. Dance therapy promotes self-
awareness, self-esteem and a safe space for the expression of feelings.
Richard is a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner who has worked as a dancer, dance instructor,
dance coach, choreographer, technical advisor and/or host for countless Las Vegas Hotels and
Casinos (Gold Coast, Sahara, Bellagio, Las Vegas Hilton, Splash) and other organizations (The
Hop, La Costa’s Tournament of Champions Ballroom). He has also been an instructor at the
California Center for the Arts since 2011.

In this realm, he has earned praise from a wide variety of clients, from the late motivational
author Louise Hay to Chris Bricker of La Costa Hotel and Spa, who says, “Richard has been
demonstrating his innovative dancing techniques at La Costa’s Tournament of Champions
Ballroom for quite some time. His exciting new Touch-Dance concept has been electrifying his
students since he introduced the concept in his private lessons.” Andy Vincent of 99.5 KKOS
San Diego Talk Radio says, “His dancing performance was the envy of all who observed. Rich’s
devotion to his craft is evident in the high style and energy he created. He is not just another
dancer, he is a dance motivator.”
“Dance has always brought me closer to the God’s light, where all my problems disappear, along
with any bad feelings,” says Richard, who uses a variety of innovative techniques to achieve his
clients’ needs and goals. “It lifts my spirit up and allows the people that I dance with or help via
therapy connect with that feeling as well. “Dance provides a feeling of unconditional love and
the ultimate freedom that is possible on this earth.
“As much as I love working as a dancer and mainstream dance instructor, the most freedom I
feel is when I am serving as a dance therapist, whether with individuals or groups, helping
people work on their issues and feel better about themselves. There is always a special moment I
look forward to where I’m guiding them and they get inspired and excited because they didn’t
know they could achieve a certain move or sequence of movements. People come to me to
escape into a world where they can enjoy themselves using dance as a vehicle for getting rid of
their worries and stress.”
One special way that Richard ties his experiences in the spirit/spiritual world with his work in
dance therapy is a class he calls “Dancing With Your Angels,” which uses familiar music and
dance to help people feel a sense of reconnecting with departed loved ones.



An outgrowth and powerful physical manifestation of his many years as one of the world’s most
renowned psychic advisers, mediums and medical intuitives, Richard Spasoff’’s unique, multi-
faceted approach to massage therapy has earned the praise of everyone from prominent doctors
to executives at major hotel/casinos in Las Vegas, where Richard was on the spa staffs at various
times at the Stardust (the Annie of Paris salon), Flamingo Hilton and The Golden Nugget, among
William B. Pincus, M.D. of the Alar Medical Group in Richard’s home of Escondido says, “I
have experienced a massage from him and consider him to be an expert.” Lance Nussbaum, the
Golden Nugget Spa Director during Richard’s time there, said, “In using his services, I found
him to be talented with a very unique style as well as being creative with his work. I found the
after effects of the massage to be relaxing, as well as soothing and a feeling of total stress relief. I
highly recommend his services.” Moshe Rosenblum, Heath Spa Manager at the Flamingo, offers
similar praise of Richard: “I have found him to be talented with a very unique style as well as
being creative with his work.”
Before embarking on his training at the School of Healing Arts in Pacific Beach, Richard – long
a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner – began developing his multi-faceted techniques as a
volunteer under the tutelage of noted Encinitas, CA based massage therapist MaryAnn Wells.
Among other things, he is well known for his stretch techniques, which he developed from his
many years as a professional dancer and dance therapist. He has worked with, and more
importantly, helped and achieved breakthroughs for thousands of people over the past 30 years.
Richard’s massage sessions, which take place on a comfortable, heated bed, are custom designed
to fit his clients’ physical and spiritual needs and help them work through their issues and
blockages and feel better and more at peace when they are done. These can incorporate his
expertise with everything from Thai massage to Swedish massage and Shiatsu. He always begins
with prayer to get his clients in the proper, receptive spiritual mindset.
“One of the key objectives is to use these various physical and spiritual techniques to bring them
from a place of worry, doubt and fear to a more calm, positive and accepting understanding of
their lives and the world around them,” says Richard. “It’s important to allow God to come into
the moment so that we can flow with the energy He gives us, and allow us to let go of the anger,
bitterness, resentment and other harsh emotions so that the physical, mental and spiritual healing
can begin.”