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Richard Spasoff is an Intuitive and a  American Avant-Garde Music Composer. Richard Spasoff is an American Avant - Garde Artist, composer, and multi - media musician. For 25 years, Richard has been composing his unique blend of music, soundscapes, soundtracks for Christian, instrumentals. His songs range from tranquil relaxation, Jazz and Horror soundtracks. He will intrigue you with all his ability to touch your spirit, or leave you at the edge of your seat.  

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Song Entitled: ACAPE

Song Entitled: Enchanted Grounds

Song Entitled: Serenity

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"By reason of His immensity, God is present everywhere; but there are two places where He dwells in a particular manner. One is in the highest heavens, where He is present by that glory which He communicates to the blessed; the other is on earth—within the humble soul that loves Him."
–St. Alphonsus Liguori

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Excellent Music

Richard Spasoff Delivers special vibes to serenely guide you through tuneful forest,Gates of Heaven, and the calling of the mystics.

The relaxing avant garde music provides a tranquil portal to relax and study and sleep. His peaceful tunes ushers one away from the tensions of today and allows you to luxuriate in a soothing and gentle musical bath of sensory sounds

Kathy Garver



Lost Soul

EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT!!! You out did yourself. One thing about good music it paints a picture in the mind, your's did. I harkened back to how good your music was -- rather like some of the soundtrack on the 1946 film with DAVID NIVEN "STAIRWAY TO HEAVE" or a.k.a. "A MATTER OF LIFE" the scene where NIVEN is headed up the galactic staircase. OR - the opening of the 1960s daytime series "DARK SHADOWS". The music puts you in the mood for ominous haps. Allan Pacheco

Hi Rich

Thank you for sending me your songs. I like them a lot and I can definitely recommend your CD for people who our stressed out,have trouble falling asleep or wake up in the middle of the night without being able to fall asleep again.

Great Job!!!

Chris E Gilbert,Md,PhD

Writer for Psychology Today

Hi Richard,
It was an interesting mix of tones. It had hints from around the world and at times sounded serious and others, playful. The overall effect was de-stressing and relaxing. For me, it increased my energy level so I might use it in gathering my energies toward action than lowering them toward non action or to sleep. A very interesting production, Richard
Jim Bruton
The In Between: A Trip of a Lifetime (Paperback)
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Beautiful celestial music Richard;)

Joan Sanchez 

Composer & pianist based in Barcelona.

Song Entitled: Jesus-Said-Bellieve-in-Me

Pretty, Sweet Meledy, Interesting
Your music is good it would be good for incidental music people could put that in their films.
Sandy Jordan Jordana Sands
actress, singer, psychic, artist, writer,producer,films, lecturer

I shall deliver my fabulous endorsement, as soon as I’m fully awake . Truly fabulous CD indeed . Well recommended.

John Golly Goddard .

United Kingdom. Worlds Record Holding Stunt Rider.

In these troubled times, relaxation is more important than ever, and with that in mind, I thoroughly recommend Richard Spasoff's new CD, Soulscape. The nine tracks will allow you to take a break from all the trials and tribulations we currently face, transporting you to an isle of tranquility amidst the storm.

Best wishes,
Nick Pope 

Nick Pope is a freelance British journalist, media commentator and former civil servant

I love Richard Spasoffs CD. It reminds me of magical and melodic wind chines. Relaxing and envigorating at the same time! "
Patti Negri
Psychic-medium & “good” witch. Best selling author / speaker. Drummer wife/wiener mom.